How does COAT work?

  • COAT uses suction, created by first pressing COAT to the chosen surface and then pulling the lever downwards (see video on our website, under the ‘How to Use’ tab to see just how easy it is)


Will COAT work on any surface?

  • Suction requires a non-porous surface to establish and maintain suction
  • Ideal surfaces are those that have a smooth, gloss surface such as glass, mirror, tile, polished stone / metals and some plastics


How long does the suction last for?

  • COAT has been tested on various surfaces (such as glass, tile and laminate) and COAT’s suction lasted for days, seriously!! In fact, we ended up releasing COAT ourselves
  • We note that the surface and weight is a factor in performance and we have not tested for all
  • Be confident that when used on a suitable surface and not overloaded, say not more than 2kg’s, your COAT will stay stuck until you’re finished your meeting, commute, dinner or drinks


How much weight does COAT hold?

  • We recommend weight not exceeding 2kg which is ample for even a heavy overcoat carrying your phone, wallet and money clip
  • We’ve tested COAT on glass with a weight of 4kg which we’re pleased to say lasted beyond our testing timeline meaning, we ended the test at 8 hours
  • We do not recommend hanging excessive weight on COAT, especially for an extended period as this may deform components such as the suction cup resulting in diminished performance


How do I care for COAT?

  • COAT is a pretty tough little guy, but will require a little clean from time to time
  • You can clean COAT by wiping the suction cup occasionally with a damp, lint-free cloth to minimise residue and maximise suction



How do I place an order?

  • From our online store, visit the ‘SHOP’ page. From there, simply select the COAT you prefer, the quantity and they will be added to your cart. When you are ready to pay, click on the shopping cart to proceed to check out
  • You can also shop direct via our Facebook or Instagram pages


Can I change my order?

  • Once orders are confirmed, our third party fulfilment centres automatically commence processing your order
  • If you need to change something in relation to your order, send us a message to enquiries@theoriginalcoat.com, and we'll do our best to help you out


How easy can I make a return?

  • Please see our Terms & Conditions (Clause #8) for all information on our returns


What payment method can I use?

  • Currently we’re offering payment via credit / debit card as well as PayPal


How do I check on my order status?

  • We will send you an Order Confirmation email as soon as your payment has been accepted online
  • Please allow 1-2 working days for your order to be processed and dispatched by our fulfilment team. Please note we’ll ensure this is minimised wherever possible
  • If in Australia, you will be able to track your shipment direct from a link in your email that we will send you once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse
  • Standard shipping may take 1-4 weeks depending on where you are in the world. We ship out of Sydney, Australia and will send you a shipping confirmation email, with a tracking number which you can use to check in on progress
  • We note that some shipments to countries may not have tracking services available. You can email us anytime to check in
  • If you would like your order left unattended, you must select this option via Australia Post when prompted



 Can I personalise my COAT?

  • Currently we offer COAT in Black, Red and Blue and for individual orders, currently we do not personalise

I would like to make a large order for retail, how can I do this?


Does COAT do corporate orders, can I brand my order?

  • The answer is yes and yes. Subject to time we’re offering branded outer boxes for corporate gifting. If you would like a logo or personalised text added to COAT’s housing please email us at enquiries@theoriginalcoat.com. We look forward to working with you to ensure your needs are met on time and on budget